As an entrepreneur and advocate of self employment, getting a job doesn’t seem to make sense for me.

However, in this season of God’s will for my life that’s exactly what I did!

I explain in this video why I did it and what purpose God has used it for in my life. It may not be what you think, but this is just me sharing how He is working with and in in me currently.

I have no clue how long this season will last, I’m just trying to be obedient and learn all that God wants to teach me through this experience.

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God established the Sabbath as a day of rest or “ceasing” from labor and works, and there is a message in this!

Many use this as a day of worship, generally on the “seventh day” or Saturday, while some Christians refer to it as Sunday. However, the Sabbath was not implemented as a day of worship but as a day of rest and for a specific reason.

Hebrews 4:9 further explains that the purpose of the Sabbath was to point to the finished work of Christ. This fact means that believers in Christ no longer have to work, toil, or labor under the Mosaic Law in efforts to make themselves right with God. Christ makes us right with God, therefore we “cease” to work and labor under the law trying to become right with God, this is why He and He alone is our Sabbath.


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Our family loves hot sauce, and our oldest has been eating hot sauce since before he was one years old lol.

Well, we figured it would be cool to try some of the different hot sauces we come across on camera to share with you all.

In this one we tried 3 different hot sauces, Pain is Good’s Reaper-Acha, Torchy’s Diablo, and Carolina Reaper Wing sauce.

Two of them were made with Reaper pepper, one with Habanero, if you know anything about peppers then you know to expect some heat.

One of these was super hot….see which one we thought was the hottest.

Let us know of any you think we should try!

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