Bible Study Software – Why I Like Accordance 12

I’m a tech guy, I love to use technology for all sorts of things, this includes bible study!

I’ve been using various bible study software since around 2001, started with Wordsearch, and purchased a few others over the years as well.

Earlier this year I purchased an Accordance collection and it quickly became my main software for bible study and research.

There’s a lot to like about this software, tons of functionality, but in this video I just wanted to share of a few of the reasons I use it pretty much every day.

I like a clean interface, I like powerful tools, and I like when technology works fast while staying out of the way….all things that Accordance handles without any issues.

Plus, I had to deal with their customer support when upgrading from free to a paid package due to some of my resources not showing properly, and they not only got on the phone with me, but connected to my computer remotely to help out.  Trust me, as a former IT guy, I can really appreciate that!

Do you use Accordance? Do you use any other bible study software?

You can try out their Lite version for free as well

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