There’s nothing quite like the feeling of knowing that you’re walking in the exact purpose that God has for your life.

The more time you spend with Him, in prayer, in His word, and listening to His Spirit, the more clear His will becomes.

But knowing His will and actually following or submitting your plans to His will are very different things. You can know and not follow.

Trust me when I tell you, once you fully submit, there’s nothing like the peace, joy, and level of fulfillment you get out of life.

As a believer there’s nothing more fulfilling than living a life aligned with God’s will, allowing yourself to be used for His kingdom.

Be encouraged and trust in the Lord….he truly knows you, loves you, and where you need to be in life.

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Proverbs 28:20 is one of the scriptures I try to live by no matter what I’m doing in life and business.

It helps me to navigate and make proper decisions, as well as keeping things in perspective.

The bottom line for me and how it applies to my life is “money isn’t everything”.

I never do anything simply because someone will pay me to do it.

This is great wisdom to keep in mind as a Christian. No matter what type of resources you have, blessings come in all types and seeking God first, not compromising your integrity, and not allowing yourself to be bought by anyone who flashes money at you will definitely allow you to walk in your purpose and ultimately have whatever it is that God wants for you in your life.

Be encouraged!

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