I got a new mic for my camera, as I was testing it out I figured I’d just record something I wanted to share anyway regarding my thoughts on success.

Many people will try to tell you what it means to be successful, and how YOU should measure success. Problem is, everyone has their own goals, visions, and desires.

That’s why success is a highly personal idea!  It’s it solely based on what you decide and what you aim to get out of whatever it is you’re doing.

Some equate  success with money, others equate success with travel, yet others measure it purely based on how they impact other people.

Everyone has their own way, I simply want to encourage you to not get confused or discouraged trying to measure your success by the standards or vision of someone else!

Grace and peace!

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Our oldest son turned 18 on Dec 26th, a huge milestone for sure.  18 is a major birthday for most kids, but this is also huge for us as parents as he is our first born.

He was an NICU baby, yep, he was a preemie, at 2 pounds 12 ounces he was tiny!  If you’re not aware, there are many complications that can come from having a premature baby, and they made sure to inform us know about all possible complications.  We were teen parents, younger than he is now when we had him, so in addition to being young there was also fear of any issues that could arise.

We are truly blessed and thankful to say that we never had any such issues, and many find it hard to believe he was a preemie at all! We are definitely looking forward to what his future holds as he prepares to head off to college and beyond. It will definitely be different for us not having him around all the time, we are a very close-knit family so it will be a time of change for all of us.

Anyway, I just wanted to share a little bit of video footage from our day as well as some of our thoughts on our first born turning 18.

Children are a blessing, if you have children make sure to enjoy them as much as possible!

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I’ve been really getting into using my phone a lot more for mobile video recording. It’s much easier to capture video with my phone than to think about taking my Panasonic G7 everywhere with me.

Not to mention the Samsung Note 5 has a great camera and can also shoot in 4k. The only problem, the 4k recording is limited to 5 minutes at a time.  This can be OK in some situations, but in other situations it can be a hassle.  So I decided to try and root my phone for the first time, which basically gives me full admin access to the Android OS.

The idea is that I would be able to install a mod for the camera app that removes the software limitation that restricts the camera to 5 minutes when recording in 4k.  I figured it would be cool to record the process and share my results.

I’m not telling you to root your phone, make sure you understand the risks (like permanently damaging your phone) before you try something like this.

Any tips or advice is much appreciated!

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