Marriage is the foundation of the family, and building up a loving, supportive, godly marriage is super important to my wife and I.

Over the years we’ve had our struggles just like any other couple, but if you make sure the foundation is solid you can get through any storm.

One major tool that helped us change the way we see marriage and even the way we love each other is the 5 Love Languages book by Gary Chapman.

This is a great book and we highly recommend it to husbands and wives or husbands and wives to be. We wanted to share out thoughts on it and how we feel it has helped us over the years.

Let us know what you think, and if you’re interested pick up a copy over at Amazon:

Using our link will help out the site and channel by giving us a small percentage of the sale. Don’t worry, the price remains the same for you, it’s just an easy way to help support what we are doing.

Or…just go pick it up at your local book store, either way, you should definitely get a copy!

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My daughter wants to be a vet and has been asking for a puppy for a while. My wife has been asking for a puppy for years as well.

An opportunity came up for me to surprise the fam with a puppy.

This is just a quick video explaining the process as well as showing me bringing the puppy home…yeah…it was a surprise.

But he’s fitting in nicely and already feels like part of the fam!

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I use Vegas Pro to edit my videos and thought it would be cool to share some of my process.

In this video I go over the process of color grading or correcting the color of the video from my Panasonic Lumix G7 camera to get the look I want.

I love the video footage I get from the camera but there are slight tweaks I like to make to the footage, as well as footage from my other cameras, to get the look I’m going for.

This video just shows a bit of my process as well as the results I get in Vegas.

Links to the tools I use (like these) can be found on my tools and resources page.

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One of my biggest events for the year professionally is the NAMM show which happens every January in Anaheim California.

All of the equipment, instrument, technology, software, and gadget manufactures in the music industry come to show off their latest gear for the coming months.

I go as a member of the media, I cover the event for those that follow me. I ask questions that my community wants to know, I talk to the companies about their products, meet with companies that I work with throughout the year, and generally make new contacts for more consulting, education, and creative opportunities.

I wanted to share a bit of what it’s like, just a little bit of footage from my trip. If you’re into gear and want to see my actual covearage hit up or visit my other youtube channel at


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I got a new mic for my camera, as I was testing it out I figured I’d just record something I wanted to share anyway regarding my thoughts on success.

Many people will try to tell you what it means to be successful, and how YOU should measure success. Problem is, everyone has their own goals, visions, and desires.

That’s why success is a highly personal idea!  It’s it solely based on what you decide and what you aim to get out of whatever it is you’re doing.

Some equate  success with money, others equate success with travel, yet others measure it purely based on how they impact other people.

Everyone has their own way, I simply want to encourage you to not get confused or discouraged trying to measure your success by the standards or vision of someone else!

Grace and peace!

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