I’ve been really getting into using my phone a lot more for mobile video recording. It’s much easier to capture video with my phone than to think about taking my Panasonic G7 everywhere with me.

Not to mention the Samsung Note 5 has a great camera and can also shoot in 4k. The only problem, the 4k recording is limited to 5 minutes at a time.  This can be OK in some situations, but in other situations it can be a hassle.  So I decided to try and root my phone for the first time, which basically gives me full admin access to the Android OS.

The idea is that I would be able to install a mod for the camera app that removes the software limitation that restricts the camera to 5 minutes when recording in 4k.  I figured it would be cool to record the process and share my results.

I’m not telling you to root your phone, make sure you understand the risks (like permanently damaging your phone) before you try something like this.

Any tips or advice is much appreciated!

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